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Wedding day Perfumes


Wedding is a once in life time special occasion. Among the utmost important aspect of your special day your wedding perfume might be just as important as the dress, venue, jewllery, shoes and make up. Every time bride and groom wear that particular scent after their wedding day it will serve as a reminder of how they feel when they were joined together as one.
So let's make your personal fragrance, a special wedding day fragrance, that is completely custom designed and one of a kind..Just for you!
PERFUMIST can help you create the perfect wedding day fragrance, for you for your groom, your wedding party, or any one special sharing in your occasion.


Add that little personal touch to your wedding and present your guests with personalized fragrances, as gifts to remember the day. They're a unique alternative to other wedding favors and will surely make your day more special.
PERFUMIST'S perfumer and founder Mansoor Shah is a first internationally trained and European qualified professional perfumer in Pakistan. Mansoor Shah has been creating fragrances for individuals, organizations and Fragrance houses in Europe, Far East, Asia, Middle east, Latin America and CIS states..